Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Asym № 1 (Themeless)

PDF PUZ Solution

Hello Crossworld!

I'm super excited to be debuting my indie crossword blog McGrids!  I've been making crosswords for a few years now, with several dozen published across various publications.  My specialty has been themeless puzzles, particularly those with wide-open grids and low word counts.

For this blog I'm looking to continue exploring crossword construction beyond standard formats and expectations.  I'll be grouping these puzzles into several parallel series—some will be more familiar, some more experimental.  This puzzle is the first of the Asym series of themeless puzzles with deliberately asymmetrical grids. 

As of now, I'm planning to post a new puzzle monthly on the 17th plus whatever else I feel like/have time for in between.

Special thanks to Brooke Husic and Adam Nicolle for their help and advice with putting this together.  Please check out their puzzles if you haven't already!

Hope you enjoy!


  1. Bravo! This is a really nice start. Love the clues at 3D and 12D.

  2. This is very strong. I love a tough themeless with an open grid. Good job!

  3. Very fun! Cluing was tricky and punny and clever.

  4. Hi Ryan, congrats for the new blog!
    I work in collaboration with various indie constructors and publish many of their puzzles in the Redstone Crossword app (iOS/android). In case you’re interested, please contact me at and I’ll be happy to provide more information.

    All the best!