Wednesday, August 17, 2022

🎂 Birthday Vowelless 🎂

PDF PUZ Solution

Happy August! I'm celebrating a big birthday this month, and you can probably guess what it is based on the grid shape... For my birthday I've decided to make a vowelless crossword with a hidden ✧bonus answer✧!

In a vowelless crossword all vowels are removed from the answers in the grid. For example, the entry MIND-BLOWING would become MNDBLWNG, and I HAVE NO IDEA would become HVND. To avoid complications, no entries will contain the letter "Y". The enumeration of each full entry is listed after its clue for assistance. 

The (hopefully) apt bonus answer is a famous time in history.

Thanks to Will Nediger for test solving. Hope you enjoy!


  1. Great puzzle! Happy birthday!

  2. Happy birthday! But you got us a gift instead. Very neat with the hidden answer.

  3. Loved this one! Delighted to actually get the hidden answer, which I normally never can! Happy birthday. :)