Tuesday, March 28, 2023

AI Image Vowelless № 1

"Debonair osprey holding up a pencil, anime"
Happy March! I'm back with an impromptu puzzle that was really just an excuse to play around with the Bing Image Creator which uses DALL·E to generate AI images from prompts. The images can range from all sorts of styles, subjects, and unhinged combinations thereof imaginable.

The puzzle clues are all fill-in-the-blanks of prompts I used to generate the associated images. Each fill-in-the-blank answer is then put into the grid without any vowels like a standard vowelless crossword. For example, the entry MIND-BLOWING would become MNDBLWNG, and AVERAGE JOE would become VRGJ. To avoid complications, no entries will contain the letter "Y". The enumeration of each of the full entries is listed after its clue for assistance. 

This puzzle may be hit or miss on difficulty with the general ambiguity of deciphering images in addition to inputting only consonants in the grid, but do give it your best shot! I also encourage playing around with the AI image creator yourself while it's still in its preview phase. Hope you enjoy!

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  1. wow, i adore this. i love the new pokemon. i love the die. i love the side quest knight.

  2. Great idea, great puzzle. Technology is amazing.